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That's Right. Sparkling Wine from Illinois.
We are Illinois Sparkling Co. and we are an independent craft winery obsessed with making amazing sparkling wines. We use 100% Illinois grapes and a hands-on, labor-intensive, centuries-old winemaking method at our winery in Peru, Illinois. We know. It sounds crazy. It's worth it.

Sparkling Wines
We've got five, count 'em, five sparkling wines to check out. Each one is hand-crafted at our winery in Peru, IL using the traditional method. Whether you're feeling brutish, rosie, or a little sweet, each one of these sparklers has a personality all its own.
Traditional Method
So, what's the big deal with traditional method? Aside from being the most hands-on, back-breaking, all-natural way to do what we do, it also happens to make the best sparkling wines. It's how they've done it in Champagne for centuries, and it's the way we do it in Illinois.
“...the wines are simply exceptional and, more importantly, ripe with individual personality.”

W. Craig Cooper, Beverage Director, Pops for Champagne

“ all around superior sparkling wine...

Cleetus Friedman, Chef/Owner, City Provisions